Peerkangkaai or Ridge gourd is rich in dietary fiber and  vit c,zinc, iron etc.And also high in water content and also it's cooling.
We use this in sambar, pachidi,pal kootu . Many of them peel off the skin and throw it.But my mom ,who usually doesn't like wasting things says "nothing is useless in this world and everything has its own use and importance,which is not understood by many",makes use of the peeled skin to make this yummy Thogayal .
INGREDIENTS: (amount mentioned here is for two people.adjust according to taste.Ridge gourd used for medium size.)

 Ridge gourd -1 (just the peeled skin)
 Urad dal- 1tbs
 Red chilli - 4( according to taste)
 Oil -1 tbs
Salt -to taste
Tamarind - little (small gooseberry size)
Mustard ,asefotida and urad for seasoning


1) Wash and scrape of the ridges in ridge gourd.

2) Peel the skin and cut them .

3) Heat oil a pan and fry red chilli and urad dal separately drain oil and keep aside.

4) Now in the same oil fry the skin well .

5) Add salt ,fried urad and chilli along with tamarind and grind .

6) Then add the skin and adding enough water grind to little coarse paste .season with mustard .

This can be mixed with rice along with gingerly oil and had or it also goes well with yogurt rice.

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