Chives, are sort of onion  bulb variety which are small.Normally its used as herb in some dishes.It is said to be rich in Vitamin A,C calcium and iron and some amount of sulfur.It is also said to have some beneficial effects on circulatory system and have some mild antiseptic properties.
Thought i have seen these in Korean stores i have not bought it. Last week my sil told me she did curry  with this(But when i was talking with my dad he said its not good to cook these in heat for too long like curry.) and it tasted nice and so this week i tried and it sure was good :) 
Chives flower-1 bunch(chopped 3cups)
Onion-1 medium size chopped
Moong dhal-about 2 tbs
Red chilli-2-3 (according to taste)
Mustard-1/4 tsp for seasoning
Urad dhal-1/4 tsp for seasoning
Salt to taste
Water- approximately 1 cup to cook moong dhal
Coconut grated-2 tsp or  coarsely powdered peanut -2 tsp
Oil- 1 tbs

1)Heat water in a pan and cook Moong dhal  (just cook 3/4 th) and keep aside.
2)Heat oil in a pan and add mustard , when this splutters add urad dhal and chilli.
3)Add onion and fry till translucent.Add chives and saute well  adding salt.cover and cook.
4)When cooked added moong dhal  ,ground peanut powder or coconut, mix well. saute for a minute and enjoy  with rice.

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