Is there anyone in this world who don't Love Nutella??!!!When i first came to this country this was the first jam that my introduced to me.I kept arguing with him that i don't like this kid of stuffs... bla bla bla.... but he insisted that i just try this once ...just once.... and with very angry and disgusted look kept small spoon of this on the bread and one small bit..... and..... this bottle was empty in a week :P I loved the taste so much that i mixed it with milk and had as milk shake.it was no more a bread spread for me it was a ingredient for flavoring my milk and used in cakes :D
Never thought about using with Indian dish till i saw this video in Youtube .It was asianet program ,where they showed caramel kesari. It sounded yummy. Wanted to try something like that different.I have tasted pineapple keasri and made strawberry kesari and aval kesari so wanted to try this too but when i opened my shelf for sugar first thing i saw was nutella...ummm why not try with that.So i tried and felt it was better than normal kesari .
Fine rava- 1 cup
Milk -  2 cups+1/2 cup to mix nutella.
Sugar-2 cups
Nutella-2 tbs
Ghee- 2tbs+ 1 tsp to fry nuts
Vanilla essence- 1/2 tsp
 Chopped nuts
Method is simple like normal kesari except for we will be adding nutella milk.
1)Heat ghee in a pan and fry rava till  aroma comes(don't let it change colour)and keep aside.
2)Boil  milk and add this to the rava and cook over medium flame.(cover and cook.)
3) Mix nutella in milk and keep aside.
4)When rava is fully cooked  add  nutella milk ,sugar and essence .Keep stirring till kesari leaves the sides of the pan. Add fried nuts. Serve. If needed few more tbs of ghee can be added while stirring to have a rich taste and calories too :)

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