One among my favorite healthy and easy dish is wheat dosai.But normally we use rice  flour along with wheat flour to make Wheat dosai.Without rice flour the dosa would be bit sticky.(in normal iron pan)
Couple of weeks ago we got  wheat flour(stone ground ,whole wheat flour) from walmart. I was really disappointed when i took it out for making chapathi.... flour was a mixture of fine wheat rava  and bran.Seeing the texture I used it for  paniyaram and pancake puppies it was soft yet crispy ..so Why not my usual wheat dosa ....Yes... it came very nice even without Rice flour wow!
Stone ground whole wheat flour1 cup
Green chilli chopped -to taste
Onion chopped- 1tbs
Swiss chard chopped(or any greens or vegetable)- 1 or2 tbs
Salt- to taste
water- to mix
(For my friends in India or those who cant buy this flour use 1 tbs wheat bran,1 or 11/2 tbs fine wheat rava and 1 cup wheat flour-mix well in water and let it for just couple of minutes before making dosa.)
1)Mix all the ingredients except oil.
2)Heat dosa pan and apply oil .pour the batter( should be thin batter)and make dosa in low/medium flame.
3)Cook the other side too (smear some oil)
4)Serve with spicy chutney.

Note: I slightly powdered my wheat rava as it was not fine wheat rava.

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