'Chow chow' , the name always sounds funny to me.Have nooo idea what it mean or why the call it by that name.It is one among my favorite vegetable.When i came to this country ,only Indian vegetable that i found in American shops was this chow chow.But i did not know what it was known as here.And one kind gentle man told me that its called 'Chayote'.And in his country(i think he said he was from Jamaica)it was called cho cho. One more information that he said  was that it was very good for heart.

Anyway... Chayote is rich in amino acids and vitamin C.And have read that other parts of this plant is also used as medicines.

I know everyone use this in kootu, sambar,curry, chutney and salad . but not seen anyone make kurma.Yesterday i tried kurma for a change with chow chow and my DH, who always felt this vegetable is only good for kootu and sambar said it was yummy.

Chayote(chow chow)-1
Coconut-1 small piece( may be 1tsp grated)
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
Sambar powder- 1 tsp( according to taste)
Bay leaf- 1 small
Saunf(fennel) powder-1/4 tsp
Cinnamon - 1 small piece
Garlic- 1 crushed
Onion-1/2 cup
Tomato -1
Milk-1 cup
Salt- to taste
Curry leaf- few
1) Wash, peel  and chop Chow chow.
2) Heat oil in a pan and add bay leaf, curry leaf, Cinnamon and garlic and saute.
3)Add  chopped  onion and saute till golden brown .Then add tomato and saute.
4)Add chow chow and cook with  milk along with salt,fennel powder, sambar powder and turmeric powder
5) Mean while grind almond and coconut to paste .
6)When the vegetable is half done add the coconut paste and water if necessary and cook .
7)Serve with chapati or rice or dosai.


  1. A perfect side dish for roti my dear..looks yummy and tasty:)

  2. Prepared this recipe. Came out too good! Everyone were amazed a tasty dish could be prepared from this veg! Thanks a ton for the recipe.

    1. Thanks Sobha . so happy that u all liked it. And again thanks for ur input, which really means a lot :)



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