I think its favorite of many tamilians.But to be very frank i had never liked adhirasam.Reason... no idea...I have not even cared to see or ask how my amma or other make this.
Don't ask me then why i even tried this for this deepavali..Just a feeble inner voice(supported by my appa and friend sri vidhya) told me to give it a try.so started searching for recipe on net and found a lot and finally decided to follow  this recipe  but  it was a disaster :(  couldn't figure out why...My Appa told me to try again.  Remembered 'NEVER  BE A QUITTER' -slogan told by my school principle.. decided to give it a try again and told my mother in law about this, she gave me couple of tips and this time it came out good.But my DH comment was it must have been bit more softer.I was told that  jaggery adhirasam is softer than sugar based one.May be that's the reason .
Anyway... will try using jaggery next time.

Raw rice- 1 cup
Sugar- about -3/4 cup
Water- approximately 1/4 cup or less( just to wet the sugar)

1)Soak raw rice for about 1/2 hour(i did for 1 hour)
2)Drain the water and dry it for about 1/2 hour(it should be slightly wet)
3)Powder the rice flour to slightly coarse powder( my mother in laws tip and have some  rice flour as a reserve)Add cardamom powder.
4)In a heavy bottomed vessel mix water and sugar and boil till one string consistency.
5)Remove the sugar syrup and wait for just a second(my mother in laws tips) and to rice flour and mix to get sticky dough consistency(my mother in laws tips)
6)Leave it covered over night.(some of them fry it immediately and some leave it for 5-6 days and then fry.)
7)Apply oil /ghee on a plastic sheet and place a small ball of the adhirasam dough and flatten it(like vadai) and fry in oil.

NOTE:My mother in laws tips was to have extra flour and syrup in reserve to adjust the dough when mixing to get the sticky dough consistency.(it should not be watery or soft but sticky.)

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