Apart from the taste of this I love its name...Jujups.In Chennai they used to make fun of a person of 'no importance' using this name jujups or jujube. In chennai they call this as juvvu (rubbery) mittai(candy)It has nice sugar granules .I was told by my neighbour vidhya, here in US they call this as sour candy and it does not have sugar on it.

This is chellam aunty's recipe, which I learnt during my cooking class. Those who have tasted this in India might feel jujups in this photo is as thick as its sold in shops... that's because as usual I made it in small quantity :)But the measurement I am writing is what aunty taught except for apple juice which i added instead of cold water.And for those in India its normal gelatin.I am mentioning this because here in US we have to ask for unsweetened one.
Gelatin(unsweetened)-50 Gram
Sugar-500 Gram
Cold water or cold fruit juice-1cup(i used apple juice)
Water(for making syrup)-1cup
Color-few drops
Fruit Essence-2 caps(i did not use)
1)Soak gelatin in cold water or juice and keep aside.
2)Mean while prepare sugar syrup to sticky consistency.(little less than 1 string)
3)Cook soaked gelatin and whisk until frothy.
4)Pour gelatin to sugar syrup and cook till the syrup falls like a sheet when you drop the syrup.
5)Pour this in a shallow wet aluminium tray(I used glass but I prefer aluminium)and refrigerate for about 2 hours.
6)When set , cut it with wet knife and roll the pieces on sugar.
Your Jujups ready...
NOTE:If you wish to have double coloured and flavoured jujups..Just pour second layer on the hardened first layer , leave it to set and then cut.
CAUTION: am sorry... I was just informed from one of my neighbours gelatin is made of ANIMAL BONES... OMG i didnt know all this time...and i used it...so if you are pure vegetarian like me PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS.

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