'Gado Gado' sounds attractive ah? yes it did for me

when chellam aunt taught this  in her salad class.one thing about chellam aunty's class is not only we get to taste it  but we also get some sample to take home.So when i brought  home Gado Gado sample everyone liked it(just a spoon for everyone)
Actually she taught this using Long beans.But later I used to make it with other beans varieties too..like ordinary beans and cluster beans.

Since i was curious to know the meaning of Gado Gado I was browsing thru  and  found 'Gado'  means 'Mix'.I also came to know that  there are different versions of this either  using other vegetables , shrimp,tofu  etc in this along with beans or the consistency using  coconut milk while cooking.. like sort of gravy for rice.

I mostly do this like Indian side dish poriyal.
here is aunty's recipe:
For Sauce:
Peanut-1/4 kg
Red chilli-5or6
Garlic-1 or 2 pods
Tamarind pulp-approximately 1 tbs
Jaggery water-approximately 1tbs
Soy sauce-approximately 1 tsp
Salt- to taste
Beans(any variety)
Sprouted moong

1)Chop all the vegetables. Steam cook beans and Potato(with little salt)
2)Dry grind all the ingredients for sauce to smooth paste using little water.
3)Heat little(about 1 tsp)oil and fry till it lets out oil.
4)Add tamarind and jaggery water and cook. Add more water to get required consistency.(I think this is where they use coconut milk and cook to get gravy  of version of Gado Gado)Add soy sauce mix well and cook till required consistency.(If making curry sort of dish mix vegetables and cook for couple of  minutes and cook.)
5)For salad/poriyal add the sauce as topping and mix.

Hope u enjoy this Indian version of Gado gado

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