If you ask me about something that's close to my heart, that always thinks about my health... apart from my Friends and family I would have to say its avocado :) Yes, avocado..Mostly a misunderstood/underestimated fruit, which is all full of goodness... high in Vitamin E- powerful antioxidants that helps our arteries by neutralizing effects of free radicals.Rich in Vitamin B and Folic acid, which reduces Heart attack. The rich minerals like potassium and magnesium and low sodium helps lower high blood pressure.And lot more.... uh... forgot to mention something really important...

IT HELPS LOSE WEIGHT.Isn't that great!!

First time i knew about this fruit was when my brother shiva got this when he went for his college tour.My amma didn't know what to do with that.. since it did not have a particular taste that would blend with Indian cooking.Fortunately we had a guest, pattima(meaning grand ma-that's how we used to call her.her name was tony) from US to learn medicine from my appa.she told us that we can mix with brown sugar and eat and it did taste yummy.But we did not find that in Chennai (about 10 years ago. but now available everywhere)After coming here my husband got this and told they make dip with this called guacamole. he also taught me how it was made.From then when ever we buy this i used to make guacamole, which i love even eating for dosa and idly.Last week he got a big bag of Avocado... i didn't know what to do with so much... i mean... you can't eat guacamole daily??!!
So i was browsing for a recipe and found this one in Food network,which was simple.Since i did not have couple of ingredients I made some changes in this .
So here is the recipe.The input that i got was salt and pepper/chilli was less.So I had to add more pepper and salt.But otherwise taste was good. Being a vegetarian I dont have soup in restaurent unless i am sure they dont use chickrn broth .so I don't know how original taste will be. This was good for me and also had good input :)
Garlic-1 pod(it was big one)
Small onion-1
Cilantro/coriander-(chopped) handful
Salt-to taste
Pepper-to taste
Vegetable broth-about 3 cups
1)Peel and remove the seed avocado.
2)Add all the ingredients except salt pepper and blend to sooth paste in a blender/mixie.
3)Add necessary salt and pepper and cold water( to get thee required consistency)
Serve chill or immediately.
Note: you can garnish with fried onion or croutons.

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