This was something different ...I have tasted lassi(sweet buttermilk) ... but pudding out of curd!! ah... was very curious when i heard the name in Asianet a long back.My pati(grandma ),who was around 70 had come from salem to our house for the first time.When we saw this I tried it and it was something like paal khova but my paati said it was like seempaal or colostrum milk...one of my favorite sweet in whole world :D(They steam the first milk from the cow after its delivery along with dry ginger,cardamom and jaggery..oh ..it will be so yummy. I think everyone should taste it atleast once in their lifetime.)

But after my amma died i forgot about this pudding completely.I think my ammas encouragement made me try new recipes . Anyway..
This is very simple recipe ,not much of ingredients and work . Except for the Praline.
INGREDIENTS(measurment as told on TV show)
Condensed milk- 1cup
Cashew paste-1 tbs(as I didn't have cashew I used almond paste instead)
1)Tie curd in thin cloth(muslin)and remove the water to get thick curds.
2)Mix condensed milk, cashew/badam paste and curds(you can also add sugar if needed)well.
3)Pour in a greased mould and cover it with aluminium foil ans cook for 20-30 minutes in a double boiler.
4)Remove from mould, cut and decorate with chopped cashew or Praline.
Combine brown sugar, butter and very little milk(you needed add vanilla essence)and cook in heavy bottom pan till two sting consistency .Pour on crushed or broken nuts.Let it cool then crush it or break it to small chunks.

I also tried with Blueberry.I just Added about 2 table spoon of ground blueberry to the condense milk- curd mixture . My husband liked it .But to tell the truth i prefer the plain one with praline..Umm ....taste buds differ :) NOTE:Curds should not be too sour.

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