This is the consistency of Aaapam batter.

My favorite favorite item in the whole world :P ..only thing is i don't like the bulgy area :) that's the reason this one doesn't have much of that.The best combination for Aapam is coconut milk with cardamom or even veg stew( veg paaya)..umm it tastes yummy.. for me its a heaven.

Actually i have 2 recipes (0ne is my amma 's and other chellam aunty's)for this .Both tastes good.but i prefer one with coconut milk as i feel it tastes better. Anyways will write both the recipes so that if coconut milk is not available other one can be done.

Recipe I


Idly rice-2 cup

Raw rice-2 cup

Urad dhal-1/4 cup

Methi-1 handful

Soda-bi-carb-1 pinch

Salt- to taste


1)Soak rice ,dhal and methi together and grind to smooth paste.

2)Add Salt and about 1/2 cup coconut water(optional) keep for some hours to ferment.
3) Just before making add thick coconut milk (according to consistency)and soda-bi-carb and mix well.

4)Heat a kadai(wok) apply little oil (so that aapam come out easily)and pour the batter in the center and swirl the kadai to spread the batter on the sides thinly and the extra sits in the middle(this is what i don't like so the one i made for me has only little batter in the center )

5)Cover and cook till sides are golden brown and the sides comes easily.

Serve hot with sweet Coconut milk or if you prefer eating spicy serve with Stew/paaya .

Recipe II

This has bit more crispy sides than the first one.


Idly rice-1 cup

Raw rice-1 1/2 cup

Urad dhal-1/4 cup

Methi-1/4 tsp

Soda-bi-carb-1 pinch


Salt-to taste


1)Soak rice ,dhal and methi and grind to smooth paste and ferment.

2)Mix sugar and soda-bi-carb before pouring it on the kadai.

3) Rest is just like the other method.

Hope u all have the same joy as i had this long weekend after having yummy aapam :)

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