This is something which i learnt long back from some TV channel(don't remember the name )and loved it.Before my marriage my mother in law had surgery and Shasi(my sil)had come to look after her so i sent this peas dosa for them for tiffin.She said it was nice..i thought it was out of courtesy she said but didn't know she liked it so much that she had been doing this often till now (for no reason ...even i have forgotten about this dosa after marriage)Yesterday she reminded me about this dosai ... and so i did it after so so many years.I am not going to tell how it will taste :) find out for yourself ;P But will tell u one thing... it will be soft:) and very filling too.

By the way have to mention little about peas,its rich in Phytonutrients, vit C,K,B1,B2,B6,,zinc...it goes on...and forgot to mention about the fiber :)

The measurements are what they had told in the TV.


Peas(fresh or dried)-2cup

Moong dal-1/2cup

Green chilli-2 or 3(according to taste)

Ginger-small piece

Salt-to taste

Onion,Coriander-finely chopped to mix

1)Soak dhal and peas(if using dry)

2)Grind dal and peas along with ginger and chilli to dosa batter consistency.

3)Add salt, onion and corriander and make dosa.(we can not make thin crispy dosai)

Serve with spicy chutney.

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