RAGI(Finger Millet) DOSA(Crepes) AND KAARA(spicy) CHUTNEY(dip)

Ragi ,also know as Kezhvaragu/Kaypai(in tamil) or Finger millet is very good for health. It is a very good source of fiber , low in glycemic index ,so good for diabetes.Its also rich in Iron,Calcium and Thiamine, low in fat... so what else ... its also tasty and lots of dishes like Idly,Dosa, Porridge,Pudding(Kali)Adai, Noodles ,Puttu and Uppma using ragi rava

I have just done Puttu,Noodles,Porridge,Uppma ,pudding  and adai but have not tried idly and dosai.My neighbour Madhavi recently gave me this dosai...It was so tasty..that too with kara chutney  it was yummyyyy...
This recipe goes to  Lisa's Celebration of Indian food contest

Ragi flour-3 cups
Urad dhal-1cup
Salt to taste
Water- to grind and mix.

1)Add some water to Ragi(to get thick batter) flour.
2)Soak Urad dhal for 4-5 hours and grind along with Ragi flour adding enough water to make dosa batter consistency.
3)Add salt and leave it to ferment over night.

Make Dosa or idly and ensoy with kara chutney ;)

Now very simple and tasty kara chutney which my neighbour taught me....


INGREDIENTS:(approximate measurement)
Red dry chilli-8(According to taste and quantity)
Salt-to taste
Tamarind- 1tbs  (according to chilli)
Onion- about 2tbs chopped
Oil- 1tsp(seasoning)

1)Grind all the ingredients raw.
2) Heat oil and season with mustard ,add this paste, saute for few seconds.

NOTE:Its a small tip..Rub a cut onion on the tava (if you wish you can use just brush a drop of oil on the onion)if you wish to avoid oil in dosa to get crisp dosa.


  1. You are a very talented cook. I love each n every single recipe you've posted here! I'll try out a few and let you know soon. I feel like I'm in a great restaurant in Chennai when I see your pictures and recipes. Beautiful blog with some of the best recipes, keep posting more such yummy dishes!

  2. Oh thank you. Best wishes and I must try this.



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