'ANDHRA'... what comes first to my mind is Paruppu(Dhal) podi(Powder) and Avakkai (Mango) Oorukai(pickle).As far as I know every one loves Paruppu podi.So do I. MyAmma used to make this often.But this podi is ..ummm... bit different.I am not sure if this is the way everyone does this podi ,but I am sure this is not how my Mother in law or Amma or any of my relatives do.

Actually this was by accident that i made..Once i had very little Tur dhal and no Bengal gram either so the other alternative left was Green gram dhal,which I used along with Tur dhal to make this podi and manage that day. And fortunately comment was good from my DH. so from then... you know what :)


Tur Dhal-1 cup

Green Gram dhal- 1cup

Roasted bengal gram(pottu kadalai)-1/2 cup
Salt-to taste

Chilli powder-to taste(or can dry fry chilli and powder it)


Oil/Ghee-1/2 tsp(very less is good)

Mustard-1 tsp

Curry leaf- few

Asefotida- less than 1/4 tsp


1)Dry fry all the Green gram and Tur dhal separately well.

2)Heat oil and season with all the ingredients(mustard, curry leaf,asefotida)

3)Powder Gram gram,Tur and Roasted bengal gram along with salt and chilli powder.

4)Mix the seasoning with the powder. cool and store in air tight bottle.


NOTE:This is the base for Garlic,Bitter gourd and Amla paruppu podi .

For garlic just dry roast garlic and grind along with the dhal or We can also use garlic powder that's available. For other things like Bitter gourd we get bitter gourd and amla powder in India.

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