Spaghetti squash and payasam??? yeah... its different and worth trying. I was amazed to see gods creation when i first saw this vegetable.Its just like noodles(spaghetti) inside the vegetable...
I initially tried curry. my DH liked it. It has now become one among our favorite vegetable.I wouldn't say its very tasty like potato or any other vegetable but is nice ,tasty in its own way when you cook using our Indian spices.
Anyway.. since it looks like Indian vermicelli I thought why not try Payasam... so I tried and it tasted good..different.. I told my sister in law and she too tried and they liked it. But when she did second time she found that the taste depends on squash.so I guess its better to try tasting the squash after cooking.
Spaghetti squash-1 cup pulp(cooked )
Sugar- to taste
Almond or cashew- 10(approximately)
Raisin- few
Cardamom-2 or 3
1)Steam the squash and remove the pulp .Squeeze out the water well and keep.
2)Soak about 5-6 almond in water and remove the skin and grind to paste(if using cashew just grind it to paste)
3)Boil milk , sugar, powdered cardamom ,almond paste and saffron.(stir occasionally otherwise almond paste may stick the bottom and get burned.
4)Reduce the flame and add the squash and cook for couple of minutes(please squeeze the water well before adding to hot milk or else it may curdle)
5)Remove from flame and add fried cashew/ almond and raisin.
Serve cold.No one will guess its a squash payasam.(if squash tastes good)

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