Yet another dish from my favorite list kathirikkai vathal karakuzhambu.Its similar to any other karakuzhambu only difference is we use kathirikai vathal(dry brinjal/eggplant). It tastes different from normal fresh kathirikai(brinjal/eggplant)kuzhambu.I learnt this from my mother in law.she said in villages they used to dry lot of vegetables like mango, brinjal, kothavayangai(cluster beans)etc to use when they are out of season.i ahve tasted mango vathal kuzhambu but not this till i got married.These vathals really comes in handy when we are in US.
She said they slit tender small brinjal and boil it in salt water ,press a little and sun dry it.
While using this brinjal soak this it in hot water for 5-10 minutes and then use like any other vegetableto make Kara kuzhambu or sambar or more kuzhambu .
Goes well with rice, dosa and idly.


  1. Delicious kuzhambu,looks awesome..

  2. Thanks madhu and priya.hope u try and like it.

  3. wow akka, sounds so yummy! Let me try and see....In gurgaon, I might have to make the vathal too...Am sure the delhi heat will come in handy....Any tips on how long I should sun dry it??



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