vadai , made of urad dhal is another south indian speciality.Its supposed to be very special item thats made for almost all the pooja.But these days i am surprised to see that mostly people prefer making masala vadai instead of this vadai . reason that i was told by couple of my friends is that first its easy to make and texture of urad vadai is hard..But according to me this is much more easier and healthier(no fried item is healthy but masala vadai causes gastric problem to many)if done in correct way it comes out soft and doesn't absorb much oil as feared by many.
All the credit of my speciality in this vadai goes to my Amma.When i came to my inlaws place they never used to make urad vadai. The reason that was told is hard or absorbs oil.After eating my vadai now.... everyone in our house have started making this often....so here is the secrets behind making soft medhu vadai.

Urad-2 cup
Rice flour-2 tbs
Green chilli-according to taste
Salt- according to taste
Asefotida-a pinch(optional)
Onion-1)finely chopped
For keerai vadai:Any of the chopped greens like Arai keerai,spinach(delhi palak)Red greens or even just coriander.... anything is fine.

1)Soak urad for 4- 5 hours.
2)Grind it along with chilli and ginger.(don't add much water. normally soaking 1 cup urad in 1 or 1 1/2 cup water would be enough for grinding. For keerai vadai we may not need so much water as when mixed with greens it will leave out some water.Add water little by little while grinding)
3)Mix the batter well with salt, onion,chopped coriander, curry leaves (for keerai vadai add chopped greens.)and rice flour.
4)Heat oil in a pan.
5)Wet the palms and take the batter as a ball and place the batter in one of the palm and just make a hole in the center(please do not try to flatten it by pressing
6)Fry on medium heat till golden brown.
Serve hot with any chutney or sauce.
1)Important points to be noted are consistency of the batter. Normally vadai become hard if we don't add enough water.It absorbs oil when its bit watery.
2)Grinding the batter in grinder gives a good texture than grinding in the mixer.
3)Adding rice flour makes crispy outer texture.but don't add more rice flour as vadai will start absorbing oil.
4)Mixing onion and salt(or the green) well, after grinding the batter will incorporate air and make vadai fluffy. But don't beat the batter .it will spoil the texture and make the batter loose.
5)Never try to flatten the batter before making vadai . that's the normal mistake which i have seen in many places.Only masala vadai should be flattened.
some use plastic sheet to make vadai and try to drop it in oil. But i feel using hand though bit messy it is much easier.

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  1. Very innovative! Never thought of making vadai with keerai... Looks lovely and delicious!



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