I think many of my readers may wonder why post recipe for yogurt but recently I found out many Indians living here buy yogurt as they feel they don't get Indian curd ferment properly and don't get thick curd like India.Actually my mother in law, who have been here many times said i have to use more curds to make new thick curds in US because of the climatic condition.My mom used to say milk has to be warm enough and thick to have thick curds, Then one of my neighbour said i can pre- heat the oven and keep the curds... so this recipe belongs to all of them who guided me .
Thanks Aunty,madhavi and amma(hope she can read this from heaven).So here is the recipe for having a think curd for your lunch.
Fermented curd/ yogurt or butter milk-1tbs spoon (for warm countries and 1 ladle for cold countries)
1)Boil milk well keeping it in simmer and string occasionally, till it we get 3-4 boils.
2)Let it cool.
3)Add thick butter milk or yogurt to the milk( milk should be warm enough to touch. It should not be cool)
4)Cover the container and let it rest in warm place. For people living in cold area ,we can pre- heat the oven in 350 degree for about 5 -6 minutes and switch it off and then place this container .
Thick tasty curs ready with in approximately 5-6 hours.
NOTE: Boiling milk to proper thick consistency and temperature of milk before adding curd/buttermilk is very important.


  1. lovely post; I love the fermented taste of the curd found in India too! I don't get the same taste with the commercial yoghurts! i find it useful! thank you!

  2. Ya, i too make yogurt at home.. But, some of my friends always go for the store bought ones and always wonder how i make it regularly :D



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