Kozhukattai are usually made for ganesh chadurthi and varalakshmi pooja.there are lot of varieties.. coconut stuffing , yellu stuffing moong dhal stuffing kozhukattai, kara kozhukattai,uppukozhkattai,sweet kozhukattai, mothagam......

Rice is one among the Navadhaniyam(9 grains)associated with the navagrahas( planets)and rice is considered to be the grain for Moon. So since yesterday was guru poornima i made kozhukattai with coconut stuffing.


Rice flour -1 cup
Water -to mix
Salt -1 pinch
Coconut -1 cup
Sugar/Jaggery- appox 3/4 (according to taste )
Cardamom powder-1/2 tsp


1)Grate fresh coconut.
2)Add grated coconut to sugar/jaggery,cardamom powder and keep stirring for some time .
3)Let it cool.

1)Boil water in a vessel and add a teaspoon of salt .
2)Slowly add the hot water to the rice flour and (keep stirring when adding water) make a paste. 3)Make small cup shapes out of this dough and stuff it with coconut stuffing and pressure cook them.


  1. ur blog is really very interesting... i really liked the way u have designed it..... seriously nice... btw where is the paal kozhakattai recipe? i searched under sweets... letmme try some other category.... quite like the shape of ur modaks too... i tried to prepare them tht way but some how with rice flour i cldnt really shape them soo well..... good going girl.. u have some really interesting blogssss and recipes too[;)] yeah 4got to mention i also tried my hand on glass painting... with ur tips.. quite liked my effort :)

  2. Thanks scoobie(sorry dont know ur name)
    paal kozhukattai ... its still in draft :) will post soon.shapping is easy,if ur flour consistancy is like chapathi dough. Just make a ball ,shape it like a cup, keep the filling and close it.Thanks again for ur comments .

  3. Kozhukattais look very very inviting :) Loved ur food blog and the wonderful recipes displayed here!

    I have posted my version of Kozhukattai in my blog My Scrawls. Do visit my blog in ur free time. Would be happy to receive ur comments :)



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