As i told earlier, here is my next rice vathal.Its not just rice vathal but its Apple vathal!!!

In chennai we have Island ground exhibiton every year.I love going to this just for eating the crispy,melting Rice vathal,with chilli powder sprinkled on the top....ummm, the very thought makes me drool.....
My mom too used to make this rice vathal but not as big as the one in exhibition.She used to soak raw rice grind to fine paste and spread it on cut banana leaf and keep it in the plate(specially designed for them) and steam them and then dry it either in sun or under the fan for a day.
That's how i used to do,but after coming here i didn't have banana leaf or the special plate.Then my neighbour madhavi told me a different method.It sounded simple so i tried but again i had a problem... my grinder ...it isn't working anymore :( and my mixer doesn't grind very well either,so i tried with rice flour .It came as good as grinding the soaked rice.
Apple Vathal.... surprised by the name??!!u will be even more surprised when u taste this vathal..Actually madhavi said they do this vathal using mango pulp(not sure if it was ripe or unripe mango) ,since i did not have mango i wanted to try with something else(i did not want to make ordinary rice vathal which i have been making all these years)I had one apple,which was sort of sour,which was lying there untouched for about a week ,so....i thought i will try with that and you wont believe...it tastes sooooooooo good.
Rice flour-1 1/2 cup
Green chilli-1
Apple small (slightly sour)-1
Salt- according to taste.
water - to mix
1)Peel the skin of the apple and grind apple along with green chilli and salt .
2)Mix this paste with rice flour adding enough water to make idly dough consistency.
3)Pour this batter in 14 idly mould and steam for couple of minutes.
4)place one of the small idly in chapati press and dry it in sun.
Simple na....
I also tried adding ground tomato in similar way ,that too tasted very good. we can also do the same with potato.I pressure cooked potato and mashed it to a paste added ground chilli and cumin seed and added that to rice flour.This also tasted yummy.


  1. very nice ambi, Granny smith should be good for this illa

  2. thanks maha. whats granny smith?

  3. Ambika i dont have a an idli stand can u tell me how else i cam make this?? Can i do this with jaoarusu Vadam? any idea?

  4. Yeah subha u can. make a paste and pour it on banana leaf(if available) or else apply little oil and pour it in some plate and steam it.thats how i used to do before i knew this method of making idly.



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