Avocado are known by the name Butter fruit in chennai.They are available in shops like pazhamudhur solai, nilgiris in chennai .

Avocado fruits have a smooth, creamy flesh. It has high amount of fat content, most of it is mono saturated .They also contain 60% more potassium than bananas. They are rich in vitamin B,E and K along with high fiber content.

Avocado is well know for their cholesterol lowering properties.One more important secret is -Its said that ancient Mayans used this rich ,creamy fruit , which has rich beneficial oils to rejuvenate the skin, reduce eye puffiness, heal frazzled hair, and much, much more.

Because of its smooth creamy texture it is used as the base for the Mexican dip guacamole.

I had no idea of any other dishes that are prepared with avocado till one of my friend in India mentioned about avocado milk shake she had last week.so i tried and it was tasty , different.

I know that everyone is aware of making milk shake but still let me write the method.


Sugar- according to taste
Crushed ice


1)Peel the skin.
2)Mash avocado and add sugar and make a paste.
3)Add milk, avocado mixed with sugar and Crushed ice in a juice blender and blend for a second.
Our healthy tasty avocado milkshake is ready....Nsoy.

This is one among the 4 recipes that has been sent for Eat Healthy - CALCIUM Rich Contest hosted by sangeetha.

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