Horse Gram Dosa(Kollu Dosai)

Another Rice free dosa with a different ingredient known by South Indian for weight reduction and also one that is good for cholesterol ...Horse gram /Kollu.
There is a saying in Tamil 'Yelachavanukku Yellum kozhathavanukku kollum ('Sesame to lean/skinny and Horse gram to fat/over weight person ')meaning sesame  is given to improve strength in a weak person who is lean and horse gram is given to lose extra fat and also give him the strength.
 Horse gram is said to be excellent source of iron, calcium ,protein,dietary fiber,micro nutrients ,phyto chemicals and also low in Fat.
 Scientists from Indian Institute of chemical technology have found unprocessed raw horse gram has anti hyper glycemic  properties ,antioxidant properties and also qualities which reduce insulin resistance.

Now having said about this less used /consumed legume let's come to cooking part... I know research says raw but I have used this sprouted in salad couple of times very little but liked it better my Amma's way...when cooked as Kollu Rasam(Horse gram Soup) or Kollu Thogayal(Horse gram  chutney).Now this...

INGREDIENTS :  Makes6-8 dosai

Horse Gram-1/2 cup
Samai(Little millet)-1/4 cup
Urad dhal(Black gran) -1/4 cup
Red chilli-2(according to taste)
Jeera-1/4 tsp

Ginger-small piece
Salt-to taste
Oil-1/2 tsp per dosa(optional)


1)Soak horse gram ,urad and samai  over night.

2)Grind this with red chilli,jeera and ginger .Add salt.
3) Make dosai.Enjoy either crispy or thick dosai with coconut or spicy chutney.

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