In TamilNadu no meal is complete without this.There are many varieties in  Rasam, lentil,lemon,tomato,pineapple,basil ,thooduvelai,pepper and many more....each with its one special ingredient to make it a  bit different from the other 

 And coming to the spl ingredient in this 'betel leaf' ,I have heard elders say it's good for digestion and bad breath and also sometime they apply it on wounds.

Saw this recipe long back in some tv channel, and wanted to try it atleast once, but didn't get a chance. I have also see one of my blogging friend post sometime ago( not sure who and when).
Finally last we had  couple of betel leafs, when I attended a function in one of our friends house ,so immediately next day wanted to try and searched for the recipe and and found in many blogging friends posts but I made it bit different from their recipe meaning I added dhal water in this.
Coming to the recipe... Plz do adjust spice according to taste.the measurements are approximate as I just wanted to try out first... Since the result was good I decided to post immediately.
Cooked dhal water-1/2 cup
Tamarind water-1/4 cup
Water- 1cup( adjust according to taste of tamarind)
Corrinder seed-1/4tsp
Curry leaf-few
Corrinder leaf -few
Salt-to taste 
Rasam powder-1/4 tsp
Betel leaf-2
Mustard-1/4 tsp
Turmeric powder-pinch
1)Grind pepper, cumin, garlic,corrinder seed and 1 betel leaf .
2)Heat  oil in a pan.add mustard,  when it splutters ad the powdered cumin pepper mixture , asefotida ,curry leaf and saute few second to get nice aroma.
3)Now add tamarind water, dhal water, water , salt,turmeric powder,rasam powder and chopped 1betel leaf and boil till frothy.Add chopped corrinder leaf .
Serve with hot rice and enjoy the flavorful tasty rasam.
NOTE:fyi ...it will be bit bitter depending on the variety of the leaf.any one who has tasted the leaf knows the taste.If you love the leaf you will surely love this rasam too.

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The recipes have been tasted and liked by my family and friends .Some Ingredients amount might be approximate in some recipes, which i mostly mention.Plz adjust the ingredients like spice and salt according to taste.I will be Happy to clear any doubts .and very happy to hear the feed back, which will help me improve my blog. Thanks

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