This is one of my favorite sweet that I they serve in weddings.first happened to taste in one of my relatives wedding... Umm it was sooooooooo yummy... Still I can rember the taste with lots and lots of ghee .Anyway this time I tried using fine wheat rava instead of normal rava.And did not use much  ghee.Still it tasted yummy. Here is the recipe, hope u all like it.

Fine Wheatrava or ordinary rava-1 cup
Finely chopped pineapple-1/2cup(approximately)
Sugar -1 1/4 cup(according to taste)
Water-2 1/2cup
(if using pineapple essence or using ordinary rava reduce the water amount and also if you prefer to cut it like cake consistence)
Pineapple juice-1/2 cup or pineapple essence 1/4 -1/2tsp
Ghee -3 tbs for roasting rava+4tbs while cooking(add liberally if not very conscious abt diet)
Cardamom powder-1/4tsp
Kesari color-pinch 
Roasted nuts (optional)

1)Add ghee in a pan and roast rava till nice aroma comes and keep it aside.
2)Add water and pineapple juice in a pan  and add pineapple pieces cook in boiling  for some time about 5 minutes( since we preferred it little crunchy )add rava slowly (keeping flame low and stiring continuesly to avoid forming lumps)
3)When rava is cooked well ,add sugar and stir well,add other ingredients- kesari color,cardamom powder,saffron ,roasted nuts and ghee.
4) check for the consistency you like ,remove from flame and either spread in ghee coated plate to cut to required shape  and serve or scoop it in a cup and enjoy this yummy sweet. 

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