Plantain flower Usilli

Usilli was considered as a most important item or to say a must in South indian Brahmin wedding menu . It would be made with any thing like beans, cabbage, plantain , or even plain paruppuusilli.
I love beans usili that my Amman makes .she does that using tur dhal. Guess that's how they do,but in one of the books that I was presented during my last India visit,I read usili using many more dhals.... Urad, moong gram and tur.
So that's what I tried with plantain flowers.Its basically same as my usual bean usili except for the plantain flower ....that was new for me.i have showed 3 different varieties here one with cabbage for which I have also added coconut and plain paruppuusilli for which I have added fennel seed and plantain flower using just usili .
Usili I guess means crumble ( plz correct me if I am wrong). Anyways coming to recipe

Moong dhal-1/4cup
Tur dhal-1/4cup
Urad dhal-1/4 cup
Red chilli- 5 ( according to taste)
Curry leaf

  1. Soak all the dhals for approximately 2 hrs and drain the water.
  2. Add red chilli , salt and grind to coarse paste. (without adding water.like masala vadai)
  3. Make small vadai and steam it .)insert a tooth pick to see if its cooked.It will come out clean.
  4. When  cool, break this to small pieces and pulse for a second in mixer and Keep it aside
  5. Now in a pan heat oil and add mustard, urad dhal ,asefotida and saunf. Add curry leaf and saute for few minutes.
  6. Add the Powdered  dhal and saute for few more minutes. Add grated coconut , mix and serve.
This is the basic Usili. .By Adding cooked vegetables to this we can make different  vegetable usili like the one i have shown. cabbage , plantain flower, or raw banana or beans or any other vegetable.
We just have to cook these vegetables with salt and turmeric and add to this dhal usili before adding coconut and saute for few minutes.

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