This is very common dish that South Indians make with leftover idly .I don't like Idly as much i do Dosa,
so usually i make idly upma for me and idly for others.
Last month when we had sandy(storm, wonder why they keep Girl names!!),As a precaution my husband wanted me to make idly and keep so made idly that will last for 2 days and refrigerated(no idea why he asked me to do that!Anyways.... we were fortunate enough that we were not affected my sandy. so My Idlies we in fridge for 2 days. I have never kept idly in Fridge. as it becomes hard, Of course many reheat and eat.But I don't like to microwave my food.So when i took out my idly after 2days i did not want to reheat and eat so decided to do upma as usual. when i crumbled it it came out as coarse powder...which was different for me. Normally it will be like small chunks.But seeing crumbs  i though why not do like Vegetable upma and made this and liked it .
Onion-1/2 cup(chopped)
Vegetable of your choice- 1cup(i used Chives flower, corn)
Mustard-1/2 tsp(seasoning)
Urad dhal-1/2 tsp(seasoning)
Channa dhal-1/4 tsp(seasoning)
Curry leaves- few(seasoning)
Ginger -1 tsp(finely chopped(seasoning)
Red chilli or Green chilli-3 to 4(to taste )
Salt- to taste
Idly Powder-6 tbs(optional)
1)Crumble idly .Mix Idly podi(Optional and keep.)
2)heat oil in a pan and Add all the seasoning including Chilli and fry for few minute still Urad and channa turns golden brown.
3)Add Onion and saute well.Add vegetables and salt and saute ill vegetables are cooked.(if needed cover and cook in medium flame.If using vegetables like carrot or beans Chop finely or grate and use)
4)Add crumbles idlies and saute for few minutes till the idly gets warm and soft like fresh idlies. 
Serve with chutney or I like me  just like that :)

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