Month of Margazhi is considered as one of the auspicious month among tamil months.I believe In Bhagavat Gita lord Krishna has mentioned"Maasanam Margashershoham", meaning" among the months i am Marghazhi". So we can guess its importance - not just because lord krishna said so.. but , the scientific importance of this month .... During this month The ozone layer will be lowered a little and so keeps us healthy, thats the reason why the  ladies  were supposed to wake up early and have bath and pray god .
Any way all these are followed by very few in this Fast, Modern world.
Ok.. let me come to my post.. Since this month is auspiciuois for lord krishna/ vishnu, being the first day of this month I wanted to make something for Lord, something that veryone say is his favorite... Aval and venpongal... so Combined both and made Aval Pongal . To be frank not much difference in taste from Usual Venpongal,thats prepared with rice. But this was quicker to prepare.
Aval(poha/Flattened rice)-3/4 cup
Pasi paruppu(Moong dhal)-1/4 cup
Water-1 1/2cups
Salt- to taste
Turmeric-1/ tsp
Pepper corn-1/4tsp Coarsely crushed and 1/4tsp Whole(Adjust according to taste)
Jeera-1/4 tspCoarsely crushed and 1/4tsp Whole(Adjust according to taste)
Curry leaf- few
Cashew-3-4 chopped(optional)
Asefotida-1/4 tsp
Ginger-1/4 tsp finely chopped
1)Wash Aval and dhal.
2)Heat oil and Add Crushed pepper and jeera,whole pepper and jeera, ginger,cury leaf, asefotida and cashew(optional) and fry for till cashew turns golden brown.
3)Add the above ingredients to washed Aval and  dhal, add turmeric,salt and water and pressure cook for 3 Whistles.
4) Add Ghee before serving with Sambar or chutney
Sending this Instant Poha pongal to Fast food event by Shama

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