This is very famous Traditional snack in rural areas of Tamilnadu and Kerala.Its made using special mould and very easily available items very simple  mildly sweet yet tasty snacks.But bit tricky to make till we get a hang of it..this has been my favorite since i tasted it first in my amma's relatives Santha aunty's house. 90's. when i asked her the recipe she told me they use Egg .So we could did not  try. but my amma often used to say 'If u wish for something whole hearted u will have it someday'.After sooooo many years i saw a video on Youtube someone demonstrating egg less in some Malaylam channel. Though i could understand malayalam to some extent since audio was not clear I couldn't get the exact measurements.But Finally found it here.But again there was this problem i had no coconut milk as mentioned in this blog.But i very badly wanted to try.My first try was a failure :( the batter got stuck to mould :( so again followed the step correcting this ,that is,if the mould is new ,we have to keep in Dosa batter for  a day and then wash and apply oil well and keep for 1 or 2 days and then use it.....so this did the magic :)And here is the recipe with some changes.that's I used milk instead of coconut milk and used 1 pinch of soda bi carb (this was because murukku that i made with just milk was not that crunchy.so added 1 pinch of soda bi carb.It was crunchy, but have to try again using coconut milk to find the difference.As far as my memory goes i think the one that i had ,that was done using egg was different.But this was yummy too and crunchy, anyways....
Umm forgot to mention You will be needing special mould to make this, which looks like this

Rice flour-1 cup
Powdered sugar-1/2 cup( as we dont like much sweet i used little less may be a spoon less.)
Maida/All purpose flour-1/4 cup
Salt -1 pinch
Soda bi carb-1pinch
Oil- to  deep fry
1)Mix all the ingredients  well  like dosa batter
2)Heat oil in a pan and immerse the mould in hot oil for couple of seconds
3)Now dip it immediately in the batter(1/2 the mould) and keep it immediately in hot oil till half done.
4)Now using a fork or blunt knife release the half cooked batter to oil and cook till golden brown. and remove.

Please keep the fire in  medium after dipping the batter in oil.And It will become crisp after few seconds after taking out from the oil.
Hope u like this recipe. Would love to clear your doubts if any.

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