I Have heard a lot about this dessert but have never tasted it.Couldn't imagine the taste... actually i love Ilaneer(tender coconut) so did not want to mess up its taste using milk to it.  Finally  i had the courage to try ,but had to wait till summer to get Tender coconut.And i could'nt believe the taste it was AAAWWWEEESOME, rich. yet simple,No cooking ... umm  yeah... absolutely no cooking. isnt that great... Ummm but one thing, since i used milk ,i had to boil it. but if you use coconut milk as it was told in a malayalam Tv channel(sorry forgot the name . its in  you tube)absolutely no cooking :)
Tender coconut (water)-1
Pulp of the tender coconut
Condensed milk-2 tbs
Cardamom/Elaichi-1/4 tsp
Saffron few(optional)
Finely chopped nuts(optional)
1)Finely chop 1 tbs of pulp.
2)Grind rest of the pulp with tender coconut water.
3)Boil milk and cool it.(or if  used coconut milk is used no need of boiling)
4)Mix this to the tender coconut paste.Mix well.
5)Add cardamom powder ,saffron  and chopped nuts.
Serve  this yummyyyyyy payasam.

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  1. Kerala special dish looking so yummy and super tasty:0

    Saraswathy Balakrishnan
    Taste of Saras Kitchen



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