I saw this for the first time when i was doing my high school, One of our family friend gave this to my amma. and she made Vatha kuzhambu using this.It was so tasty , meaning the mango cooked in tamarind wow!
Then she told me the cut the mangoes and  soak them in salt water and dry them in sun to get this Vathal.But I have never done or seen how they do this until my mil showed me when we visited India this year.Since she was not well she told me how to make and i made this :) so happy i did that :)))
Raw Mango(sour prefered)
Salt(as needed)
Water(to immerse mango)
1) Wash ,dry and Chop mangoes to big pieces.
2)Heat water in a broad vessel and boil.(just enough water to immerse the mangoes)
3)Add salt and mangoes and cook for just 5-10 min( it should be just 1/2 cooked)and cool.
4)Remove the mangoes from the water and Spread them on a plate and Dry it in sun.
5)Dry this in sun till the mango size reduces and can feel the crispness.

This can be stored in air tight container for years. or also keep inside the fridge in a zip lock bag.

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  1. Hi Bicks,

    One can make Mankotta Kozhambu with this too illava? Can you share that recipe if you know...I simply love the Mankotta Kozhambu.....This vattal is just tempting me to make one....



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