RICE AND LENTIL DOSAI(Indian Crepe)(Paper Roast)

I never had a thought of posting the recipe for Dosa till i heard from many of them who talked about grinding separate batter for dosai and using separate pan for dosai and using non-stick etc.,etc.
Making Restaurant type dosai is not a troublesome(!!??) work like many think. because i make dosai with Idly batter ... same restaurant type crispy(even extra crispy dosai)As a do dosa lover , who comes from dosa loving family i think all we need to do know is the consistency and correct heat and small technique to make restaurant style thin or crispy dosai.
Just to make it bit clear i made a video... but since i used my mobile to shoot. it may not be very clear..
So INGREDIENTS: for the Batter ... just like Idly.
Idly made with same batter

Idly rice-3 cups
Urad dhal-1 cup
Fenugreek- 1/4 tsp(optional. i don't use it always.. and i don't see much of a difference except for colour and also flavour.)
METHOD: to grind the Batter

1)Soak rice and urad (along with fenugreekseparately for 6-7 hrs.
2)Grind Urad to smooth soft batter just like butter.
3)Remove the urad batter and then start grinding rice. grind this to smooth batter adding enough water.
4)Mix rice with urad batter along with salt.Add water if necessary to get correct consistency(it should not be too watery or too thick).
5)Let it ferment overnight.
6)Pour a ladle of the batter on the dosa tava .(Oil is optional.I personally like using less than 1.4 tsp oil )
cover and cook if you wish. no need to flip it over for the other side to cook.
Here is the video for making dosai without nonstick pan or oil.(i have used less than 1/4 tsp oil as i personally prefer taste of oil..except for the taste nothing differs because of oil)

Lot of my friends had this doubt how to use the same pan for both chapathi and dosai so here is a video for conditioning the pan before making dosai after making chapathi.

Here is a sample of orange dosai same measurement except that i used orange juice while grinding instead of water.(saw this in some malayalam channel in youtube.)

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