Quinoa, the grain that has gained popularity among many Indians these days  have been used by people in Andes region  from about 3000-4000 years ago.It contains Essential amino acids, calcium,phosphorus, iron  and not to forget  protein.And above all easy to digest too.

(So for my friends in India ... it looks similar to Varagarisi,kudhiravali.)
Though many indian dishes like briyani, bisibela bhath etc can be done,I love doing pongal using this grain.specially venpongal... anyway this post is on sakkarai pongal or can i call it Akkaravadisal??

INGREDIENTS:(measurements approximate)
Quinoa-3/4 cup
Moong dhal-about 1/4 cup
Jaggery-about 1/2 (according to taste and sweetness of jaggery)(i used light brown sugar)
Ghee- 2-3 tbs
Cardamom -2 or 3(powdered)
Saffron- a pinch
Cashew /almond /raisin
Water or milk - to cook

1)Add little more the twice the amount of milk or water to quinoa , moong add saffron and pressure cook.
2)When cooked add jaggery or sugar and cook till it mixes with the quinoa well.Add cardamom. Mix well.
3)Heat ghee and roast nuts and garnish .


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The recipes have been tasted and liked by my family and friends .Some Ingredients amount might be approximate in some recipes, which i mostly mention.Plz adjust the ingredients like spice and salt according to taste.I will be Happy to clear any doubts .and very happy to hear the feed back, which will help me improve my blog. Thanks

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