Puppies :) name sounds attractive ah?? Its nothing but American  version of our south Indian appam(bonda sort of) hahah :p
Actually last weekend when we went to Denny's I saw this in the menu.It was very attractive.Since i was in no mood for sweet BF , I did not order this but wanted to try this at home and finally found the recipe here.

I couldn't make try till i found recipe for egg less pancake in cooks.com.
So as usual my experiment began ..but in my own way.. yes.. i used whole wheat flour that i has bought in walmart, this was different...meaning it had the bran and also finely broken wheat rava(brand name -Hodgson Mill Old fashioned whole wheat flour)Unfortunately i was not able to use this for chapathi so was using it for wheat dosa... by the way have to mention ... dosa  comes out so good .. just like Rava dosa :)

Ok....back  to our puppies story..I also replace Agave for sugar and Olive oil for butter and added Flax seed powder .And instead for deep frying i used Paniyaram pan.And it did turn out good, crispy outside with mild sweetness...

Here is the recipe:)
Whole wheat flour-1 cup
Cinnamon- 1tsp
Agave-1 tsp(according to taste)
Baking powder-2tsp(approximately)
Fax seed-1tsp(ground with 4 -5 tsp water to get consistency of egg)
Milk-approximately 3/4 cup(to get consistency of thick idly batter)
Vanilla essence- 1tsp
Olive oil-3 tbs
1)Heat Paniyaram pan smear with oil generously.
2)Mix all the ingredients.and leave it for couple of minutes.
3)Pour a teaspoon of batter in each paniyaram holes add some oil and cook in slow flame .
4)After one side is cooked turn and cook other side too.
5)Serve with sugar powder sprinkled on top and( if preferred)Maple syrup or any syrup of choice..

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The recipes have been tasted and liked by my family and friends .Some Ingredients amount might be approximate in some recipes, which i mostly mention.Plz adjust the ingredients like spice and salt according to taste.I will be Happy to clear any doubts .and very happy to hear the feed back, which will help me improve my blog. Thanks

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