This Indian Flat bread is the staple diet for lots of Indians.So many of my friends might think why is she posting chapathi!! Its a very easy and simple day today tiffin!! But believe me friends many people still see chappathi as a punishment to make and eat :) They feel its hard or chewy to eat. its not soft ..May be thats what i too thought before my brothers wife made this.she make such soft dry chapathi . i love to see her roll chapthi..omg! she does it with such a ease...at this time i should also mention viji akka she was my first teacher for chapthi.she make such soft chapthi .her way was bit different she folds 2-3 times to roll it to shape.
Any way chapthi is not that difficult as may think.Its quite easy once you get the hang of it.There is a saying in tamil" chittiramum kai pazhakkam sen thamizhum naa pazhakkam" or..may be i can say simple english equalent to this "practise makes man perfect"
To get soft chapthi my amma used to mix flour with light warm milk or water or gingely oil.She some times applies oil and folds like viji akka and roll . But  my brothers wife she doesnt use any of this except water.The technique  was mixing and folding the dough to right consistency and rolling out to correct thickness and the heat its cooked, which will come in practice or see some one do.
This is how i do(no measurements)
Wheat flour
1)Mix salt and flour. Add water little by little mixing it to a soft dough(it should not be very soft or sticky. when we mix it should not stick to the vessel.It should not be hard too. )
2)Make balls and roll them on a floured surface.
3)The rolled shape should not be very thick or thin.
4)Heat tava and place the rolled chapathi and cook till bubbles comes .Then turn to other side and do the same.
5)Now put this chapathi on flame for it to puff up like poori.
Now soft chapathi is ready .


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