I am not a soup lover though I like potato soup,Bottle gourd soup,Asparagus soup...but Tomato soup... no chance...you may think i am weird but for no particular reason I don't like the smell of this soup in many places.
Once when we visited Chennai we went to Saravana bhavan in Pondibazaar,Chennai and my DH ordered this soup.As usual I refused to order. But after one sip my DH compelled me to taste just once...which i obviously did half heartedly..but....guess what...the flavor was so good that I too ordered for one.so that's when I figured out it was the smell in other places which made me hate tomato soup.
so... what was the difference..As far as i could figure out they had added spring onion and kadal pasi(i think its called edible algae.i haven't found this in any Indian stores here.). other than that normal cream ,onion etc.
So for the first time after 3 yrs I tried it and it came out pretty good. Except for missing cream and color(Tomatoes I had were not really that red)
Tomato-2 big chopped
Small Onion(sambar vengayam)-4-5 chopped
Garlic-1 chopped
Red capsicum(long ones)-1/4 cup approximately(i added it for color)
Spring onion-2
Salt- to taste
Pepper-to taste
Kadal pasi- small piece
Bay leaf-1 small
Corn starch-1/2tsp approximately
Cream-optional(i didn't have )
Bread croutons-optional(i didn't have so used chipin's popcorn chips :) it tasted good)
Olive oil/Butter
1)Heat oil add bay leaf, kadal pasi,onion,garlic,spring onion,red capsicum,tomatoe and salt .
2)Cover and cook for some time or after sauting you can pressure cook.
3)When cool grind in a blender.
4)Strain this.
5) Mix corn starch in water add it to the puree and boil to get soup consistency.(if needed more thickness add more corn starch)
6)Add cream ,chopped spring onion greens and croutons before serving .

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