I wouldn't say its new..but its different...

Whats special about Rajma curry?It is liked by my sister in laws son... so what special???umm...

He is a Big fan of Bean burrito.He used to live only on this.I mean... its the only food he eats without any fuss. He doesn't like Indian food other than carrot sambar(but now he is getting used to..)when he comes to India my Mil does chapathi and rajma (as thick curry) and rolls it like burrito to make him eat.so...he is that much into burrito taste that he knows exactly what all goes in it.

Once my Sil was asking what I add to kurma instead of coconut and i told her Badam(usually everyone adds cashew right ?? but since Badam is better than cashew from health point view I use badam)and any nuts that i get along with roasted bengal gram.

She had tried this with rajma once for her son (using just badam,poppy and roasted bengal gram)and i believe he loved it so much . She told me this and so i too tried the same.(though this is my normal way of doing kurma ,i havent done using this with rajma)

I tried it and my DH too loved it.

Here I am sharing this recipe with my dear friends.

INGREDIENTS:(approximate measurement for 2)





Roasted bengal gram-1tsp

Pumpkin seeds-1 -2 tbs(i love using any nuts i have... walnut,pine nut or hazel anything.... they have omega 3 fatty acid,vitamin E...)

Poppy seed-1/2 tsp

Chilli powder-1tsp

Turmeric-1/4 tsp

Dhaniya power-1tsp

Garam masala powder-1tsp

Cinnamon-1 small

Ginger-1 small


Jeera-1/2 tsp

Salt-to taste


1)Soak rajma for 6-7 hours and pressure cook well.

2)Grind ginger and garlic. chop onions and tomato.

3)Grind badam,pumpkin seed,poppy seed and roasted bengal gram to paste

4)Heat oil and add cinnamon, jeera.Add ginger garlic paste, onion , tomato and salt and cook well till raw smell goes.

5)Add turmeric,chilli ,dhaniya,garam masala powder. saute well.

6)Mash cooked rajam lightly and add to the above and cook.

7)Garnish and enjoy with chapathi or paratha.

NOTE:Actually i add poppy seed directly to nuts and grind but my sil's son felt small granules and complained ,i believe.So if you feel the same ,you can soak this in water for couple of minutes and then add to other ingredients and grind.

Hope you like my way of Rajma :)

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