KARPOORAVALLI(mexican mint)Bajji

Karpooravalli is a medicinal herb that's used in Tamilnadu.Botanical name of this plant is Coleus Aromaticus.Its also known as Mexican Mint. In Tamilnadu it is used to treat cold and cough .Specially for kids.

My amma used to give us the juice of karpooravalli leave when we had cold .I didn't know we can make a nice snack out of this plant ,until my neighbour rama gave me the bajji .It tasted good and different.
I used karpooravalli leaves instead of normally used vegetables like banana/onion/brinjal/green chilli.

INGREDIENTS:(approximate measurements)

Besan(kadalai mavu)-1cup
Rice flour-about 1/4cup
Corn starch-1/4tsp or less(optional)
Soda bi carb- 1 pinch
Salt-to taste
Chilli powder- to taste
Jeera-1/4 tsp
Karpooravalli leaf
Water -to mix
Oil- to fry

1)Soak karpooravalli leaf in warm water for couple of minutes and dry it placing it on paper towel.(this is optional.Only if you prefer soft leaf inside.)
2)Mix all other ingredients with water to get bajji batter consistency.(It should not be thick or watery)
3)Heat oil in pan .
4)Dip the leaves in the batter and fry it till golden brown.

Serve with chutney or sauce.

Note: Adding corn starch keeps bajji or even poori puffed up for a long time.

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