SPINACH PIE......how i came to now about this dish..... it was accidental... i mean actually i was browsing for some word and came across the word vegetarian recipe in encyclopedia and when i clicked it took me to a page which had list of vegetarian recipes all round the world and i found this name under Greek recipe. It was really attractive 'SPANAKOPITA'... so bbrowsed for the recipe in you tube and got the recipe. the actual recipe asked for egg, feta cheese and spring onion.since we don't use egg i substituted it with green geam dhal.... you may wonder how green gram can be substituted for egg . i thought egg used in this recipe was just to bind the spinach and feta cheese... so since well cooked green gram is bit sticky i used it. And instead of feta cheese,which resembled like our paneer i used it.And also since I didn't have spring onion I used ordinary onion. I also added garlic and green chilli to bring Indian flavour.Don't know how the actual recipe with egg and the feta cheese will taste.... but this one was tasty.... or else it will not come to my blog... hahahaha :)
INGREDIENTS:(measurements are approximate)
Spinach/palak- 1 big bunch
Paneer-1 handful(crumbled)
Green gram dhal-2 tbs(well cooked and mashed . It would be like a thick paste)
Salt- to taste
Green chilli- to taste
Garlic-1 ( finely chopped)

Phyllo pastry sheet
Onion-1/4 cup(finely chopped)
1)Chop spinach and chilli finely and steam or cook without water(the greens must be dry after cooked)
2)Mix paneer, mashed geen gram,garlic,onion,salt and keep aside.
3)Grease a oven poof dish and place about 8-10 phyllo sheet (just like baklava) brushing oil on each sheet.
4)Spread the spinach mixture evenly.
5)Place another set of phyllo sheet on top and secure the sides well closing sheets on the sides.
6)Bake in 375 degree pre- heated oven for approximately 20- 25 minutes(till it turns golden brown)
7)When cool slice it and serve.

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  1. Wow.. thats perfect! Delicious! Nice tip of adding the dhal.. even i don't use eggs in my recipes!



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