Very famous in Tamil nadu. Specially road side barotha..ummmm yummy.According to me making good barota is a art on its own.They have separate chef in restaurants called 'barota master' So special.It easy when we see yet difficult when we make ... at least till we get the right technique.
Anyway...i love barota so much that when ever we go for a trip and the car stops by the road side shop for cooling the radiator i will be in the shop watching how they make barota. So my dad once brought some person who makes this and asked him to teach me this art.I did couple of times but then .... sometimes we will be so interested in things because out of curiosity and once we know we think we are masters in that and just forget it and don't even try again that's what happened to me too.
After my marriage one of my in laws friend again showed me the technique.But the texture wasn't like what the road side shop person did.After many year i tried it again and should say it came out pretty well.may be it was bit thicker than it should have been.
INGREDIENTS:(measurements are approximate)
Water- according to consistency
Oil- to smear
Baking powder(little)
Salt- to taste
1)Mix maida, salt, baking powder adding water to a very soft dough
2)Keep this aside for about 3-4 hours, smearing oil and covering it with damp cloth.
3)Divide them into small balls and roll them out .
4)Smear oil again on top of all the rolled out dough and cover with damp cloth for some more time 1 hour(approximately)
5)Take out each rolled dough and spread it out on a clean surface either using palm, which is much easier(the dough will be really stretchy)or toss it like washing our cloth(this may be difficult initially)
6)Pleat the stretched dough like Arcadian folding/Fan folding/ Saree pleats.
7)Roll this like a scroll and keep aside smeared in oil .
8)Just before serving roll out this scroll into thick(not very thick or thin) chapati and cook it on hot tava.
Serve with Kuruma

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  1. looks really good can u post a video for this one??



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