NAAN(Indian bread)

Every time i pronounce this dish make me laugh....'Naan' in Tamil means 'Me' Usually i don't like naan very much for the very simple reason it is charred sometimes.According to my dad who is a siddha doctor Eat charred food is not healthy. It may trigger a system that has a chance of getting cancer.But i do love to eat Naan which is not charred.I learnt this dish from chellam aunty but normally using a tandoor makes it charred.And also we need tandoor.She taught Naan using baking powder, curds and milk.But when i first saw nice golden Naan that too using oven in my friend Ramys's blog,which i wanted to try. But unfortunately my system crashed and wasn't able to get the recipe when i needed.Fortunately my cousin Suvi told me the recipe over phone and at last i tried and it came pretty good.
All purpose Flour-2Cup
Dry active yeast- 1pack
Curd- 2tsp(approximately)
Milk- 2tsp (approximately)
Sugar -1 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Hot water- approximately 2tbs
1)Add yeast sugar and salt to warm water(don't add to hot water as it will kill the yeast.and cold water will not activate yeast)
2)Mix the flour with salt, curds, milk , oil and yeast mix.(Add yeast mix first and curds and then milk get correct dough consistency.)
3)Make a smooth dough smearing it with oil cover it with damp cloth and leave it in warm place to ferment for 2- 3hours.
4)Take out the dough and knead and roll out( shape it according to your wish).
5)Pre-heat Oven to 500 degree.
6)Apply oil on oven proof tray and place the naan and bake for 4-5 minutes(approximately) and then turn it over and keep for a 2- 3 minutes(approximately)
7)Remove from oven and apply butter on to and serve hot with channa , or any gravy.

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