This kali is a special item that's made on Thiruvaadhirai Nonbu(pooja), which is also known as Aarudraa dharisanam, a festival dedicated to lord Nataraja.Its celebrated in the month of margazhi(december- january)on full moon.I used to love this kali when my mom did...Used to wonder why she does only ones a year...Thiruvadhirai was special .Normally Indian women (in olden days)used to eat after their husband.This was the only day when they eat before husband.
My mom used to get up very early ,cook then do pooja and eat along with me before the sunrise and then she fasts the whole day.... good old days...
Raw rice- 1 cup
Jaggery- 1 cup
Water- about 1 1/2
Ghee-approximately 5 tbs
Cardamom-2 or 3
1)Soak raw rice in water for an hour and then drain the water and dry for about an hour.
2)Heat a pan and dry fry the rice till pink.
3)Powder the rice into fine coarse powder.
4)In a thick bottomed pan boil the jaggery with water and add the rice flour slowly.along with ghee and cardamom.
5)Add fried cashew and remove when it becomes thick.

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  1. Hi ambi i always wanted to try this but never knew how to do it... now i will defenitely try it following ur recipe thanks



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