VAZHAI POO(banana flower) PORIYAL(curry)

Vazhai poo(banana flower)is considered to be a good source of vitamins A and C. It also has good amount of calcium and iron.In Indian traditional medicine(siddha, that's the only thing i can talk about as my dad is a siddha doctor)is it believed to be beneficial as a lactating agent, and is also believed to help relieve painful menstruation and heavy bleeding during menopause.
It is also said that they are rich in antioxidants and tannins(they are said to prevent urinary tract infection in women).
We make it a point to cook this at least once a week in India.My dad used to tell vegetables that have astringent and bitter tastes are good for health. They(specially astringent) help purify blood and help balance pitta and kapha.Example for astringent vegetables are Atthikaai,vazhai poo,sundakai etc. more details are given in vazhai poo vadai.

We can do lots of dishes with vazhai poo, like vadai, kootu,soup etc.
Red chilli- according to taste
Vazhai poo-1
Mustard- seasoning
Urad- seasoning
Channa dal- seasoning
Coconut-grated 1/2 to 1 cup(optional)
1)Remove the outer thick skin of the flower.
2)Apply little oil in hand and clean the flower lets.( i.e, remove the inner thick pistil)
3)Chop the flower lets (keep them in water or curds after cutting,or else it will become black.)chop onion.
4)Heat oil and season with mustartd, urad ,channa dhal and red chilli.
5)Add onion and saute well.
6)Add the flower lets and saute for couple of seconds.
7)Add salt and little water and cover and cook till dry.
8) Finally add coconut.
Goes well with any rice.

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