We love going for fruit picking during summer and fall. Apple picking is my hubby's favorite.We used to get around 150- 200 apples every time .Since last year was the first time for me i did not know what to do with so many apples .so i tried all things using the apple...chutney, pickle,jam even sambar LOL!Not all the apple tastes good for all the recipes. There was one variety of apple (don't know the name)which was sour ,it tasted good for pickle and chutney and sambar.

Here is my recipe for apple sauce.




Cinnamon powder(Don't have any measurement for this)optional


1)Peel and deseed the apple.

2) Cut the apple .

3)Pressure cook using water(enough to immerse apple)for 2-3 whistles.

4)When cool make it to smooth paste using blender.

5)Add cinnamon powder .

6)Store in air tight container.

NOTE:No need to add sugar,when using sweet apple.

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