We all must have had coconut poli and pooran poli, with channa dhal but rava poli was new for me when i first tasted it in my neighbour ,madhavi's house.I loved the taste but did not get a chance to try this. But finally i got a chance last week,when i didn't have coconut to do poli(since i don't like channa dhal poli ,i tried the tasty rava poli, which my neighbour gave. its very simple.. make kesari stuff it in poli dough... simple uh?
For kesari:
Rava-1 cup
Sugar-1 cup
Water-2 1/2
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
Kesar colour (optional)-pinch
Ghee -3or 4 tbs
1)Heat ghee in a pan and fry rava, till aroma comes.
2)Boil water and add rava slowly.
3)When rava gets cooked add sugar slowely keep stirring continuously to avoid lumps
4)Add cardamom and ghee and cook .
NOTE: kesari should be soft to do the stuffing . Do not let it cool too much ,as it will be hard to roll out as poli.
For Poli:
Maida-1 cup
Turmeric Powder-1 pinch
Salt-1 pinch
Ghee-2 tsp
Water- to make dough
Oil / Ghee
1)Mix maida,salt,turmeric powder and little bit of ghee/oil and make a very soft dough.
2)Add little more oil/ghee and leave it covered with cloth for hour or two.
3)Knead the dough again using oil and leave it covered for hour or two.
4) Make small balls flatten them. Place small ball of rava puran and cover it.
5)Carefully roll out ( or flatten them with palm )the dough into thick puris (make sure the filling does not come out.)
6)Cook the poli in a tawa(just like roti) using ghee around it. Cook on both sides.

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  1. Ingredients and method of preparation for Rava poli and Rava kesari are clearly written here.... Thanks for this post!

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