Kovakaai/tindora/Ivy guard is rich in beta carotene.This vegetable is often recommended to diabetic people as it has low glycemic index and helps regulates blood glucose . Kovakaai contains beta-carotene, a major vitamin A precursor from plant sources.

My mom used to make curry using tomato and onion(to be true i wasn't a big fan of this curry). But then things changed,after eating this curry in my brothers wedding... i couldn't find out(neither did anyone)what vegetable that was OMG it was soooooo tasty.I asked the cook and he told me the secret vegetable's name and recipe.

This recipe is sent to Fight Diabetes contest

Mustard-1/2 tsp
Channa dhal-1tsp
Urad dhal-1 tsp
Green chilli-to taste
Salt-to taste
Turmeric power-1pinch

1) Grate Kovakaai.Chop Onion finely.
2)Heat oil and splutter mustard,add urad and channa dal.
3)Add finely chopped onion and green chilli and saute well.
4) Add grated kovakaai, add salt,turmeric powder and saute well.(don't have to add water, if needed sprinkle very little)cover and cook.
5) Add coconut grating or powder before removing from fire.

FRIENDS, thanks for rating this recipe.I am happy many of u like it.
U ALL MADE ME WIN.This recipe got second place in the Diabetic friendly recipe competition. Above all the love u all showed me .I am happy that this simple desi(we call it nattukai/village vegetable in tamilnadu)vegetable was able to make it because of its medicinal properties. U can read more on medicinal foods in my health blog.Thanks

I had couple of doubts from some of the friends... If grating will make the kovakkai juicy?...Not if we pick up fresh tender kovakkai. only ripe one become juicy if we grate.One more information... My sil told me she tried kovakkaiusili and that came out well .


  1. Very delicious dish, especially for elderly subjected to diabetes. Thanks for such an recipe.

  2. thanks lingesh . thats encouraging.

  3. do u know whether kovakkai has any side effects on child birth



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