First I would like to thank my neighbour for giving this recipe.Except the main ingredients measurements , that's dhal,onion,tomato,cauliflower others are according to our taste and likes.thats the reason I have not given any measurent.. It's all approximate.
Long back when Amma was alive she used to make dhal soup but it was using moong dhal.I used to like it so much but she made this to be eaten with rice but the name she used vas paruppu(dhal) soup.I used to wonder about the name,as for me it was not very watery .Anyway.. That was long time back,till my neighbour once served us this in the party.Usually I am not a very big fan of soup,except for bottle gourd soup ,broccoli soup.But I liked it soooooo much and everyone in our house like it that I immediately asked for the recipe and tried it next week.when Shen was telling me about the ingredients was when I remembered my amma's dhal soup. But since this soup was watery as I expected I liked it better than what my Amma made. But I should tell u one thing my amma's so called"dhal soup "is awsome to eat along with rice.Will try to post that too some time later.

Umm... One more thing that my friend told was we can use moong dhal to .and one more supring thing was vegetable that some people use... Guess what??..using hard okara(muthina vendaikkai),which we normally throw it in trash as it can't be cut or cooked.

Coming to the recipe... 

Tur dhal-1/2 cup 
Onion-1( small)
Tomato-2 (small)
Green chilli-1or2 finely chopped(approximate)
Curry leaves-few(approximate)
Cauliflower -1/2 cup(flower let )
Pepper-to taste
Lemon-few drops ( to taste)
Salt-to taste
Water-as needed.


1)  Pressure cook dhal with approximately 1to 1 1/2 cup water .When cool mash it well and strain the water. (Squeeze out the water from dhal.we can use little but of this dhal later if we want the soup to be thick. But we preferred it liquid like rasam)

2) Heat oil in a pan and add chopped green chilli,1/4 tsp saunf,1/4 tsp jeera,curry leaf,finely chopped onion sauté well then add chopped tomato ,salt and turmeric and sauté till tomato is cooked.

3) Add cauliflower (and any finely veg of your choice)and add water and dal water and cook till vegetable is cooked.Add more water if necessary or little dhal if needed thick .

4) Heat oil in a pan and add bay leaf,1/4 tsp saunf,1/4 tsp jeera,pepper  powder and add it to boiling soup before removing from fire.

5) Add few tsp lemon juice(according to taste)

        Enjoy this yummy healthy soup.

      "Ullam ketkume more" ,"yeah dil mange more" 

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