First let me thank all my readers for waiting patiently for my post...THANKS :)
Coming to my post... There are more than half dozen waiting in my drafts but.... There is a dialogue in some tamil movie "late ah vandhalum latest ah " meaning it may be late but new... Yeah new... Meaning other recipes I have seen in many blogs...but this one...not till now.

This was told by my neighbour....Madhavi, she is dosa specialist,she was the one who taught me ragi dosa, oats dosa.... Next in her list.... This karamani dosai... She told me black eye bean(white karamani) dosa.. I tried and loved it.. It can be made soft like adai and also crisp like paper roast. Will post the photo later.
  Yesterday I tried using red karamani this one had better flavor than the first.
Best part of this dosai, be it white or red... Is easy quick,tasty,healthy, fiber rich,no rice, no fermenting.....I can keep on writing, and the only ingredient u will be needing is karamani.if you wish you can add ginger , chilli etc for extra flavor and taste.
When I used black eye bean I added red chilli,ginger and asefotida while grinding .But while grinding for red chori I just used ginger.
Red chori or black eye bean-1 cup(will get more than 14-15 dosai)
Ginger-small piece(optional)
Chilli-to taste (optional)
1)Soak bean for about 5 hour and grind (Add ginger,chilli,asefotida -all these are optional) to smooth  dosa batter( you won't believe it will be very fluffy...)
2)Add salt and heat dosa pan and make thick or thin dosa according to your liking.
Serve hot with spicy chutney.
Note: Tastes good when had hot.will soon post step by step photos soon.
will be happy to know your views

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