Besan(gram flour)-3/4 cup
Horlicks-1/4 cup
Ghee-approximately about  10-15 tbs(I mixed equal mount of canola oil and ghee)
Sugar-3/4 cup(according to taste)
Water- approximately 2-3 tbs (to make sugar syrup)

1)Fry gram flour in 1tbs ghee till raw smell goes.remove from flame and cool.

2)When cool, sieve this to remove the lumps and mix it with horlicks and keep aside.

3)In heavy bottom pan (or non stick pan) add sugar and water and boil the sugar syrup till 1 string consistency.

4)Add gram flour mix slowly(you can either mix this in ghee and add or remove the syrup from flame and add the flour mix quickly and the keep it on the flame. this is to prevent from forming lumps when adding to the syrup.) 
     (Cooked for 3 -4 min after  this shot and pored on greased plate)
 5)Cook in medium flame stirring continuously. add remaining  ghee little by little slowly  an cook till this mixture starts leaving the sides slightly.
6)Pour this on a greased plate and let it cool.
                            Cut and store.


  1. Hey there! I tried out this recipe some time ago, and it turned out super yummy. Thank you!

    Here's my post about the experience: http://thegalnxtdoor.wordpress.com/2014/09/01/h-is-for/



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