Nature has gifted us with variety of  valuable... i mean medically... all around us in abundance.May be that's why we fail to recognise its value , when it becomes rare  we may realise its use.One such tree ,which is found in every ones backyard in villages in India and even in some places in cities is 'NEEM TREE'

In India its considered as as a 'scared tree'.It is said to have lots and lots of medicinal uses for example: antiviral, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti diabetic,even as contraceptive and recommended for some skin disease.They are also used as mosquito repellents.. and used to kill some insects in crops .
I have seen elderly people in villages use its twigs (vepam kutchi) as brushes,Which dentist have also endorsed that this is effective in preventing periodontal disease.

Not only its bark, leaf, fruit are used as medicines but the flowers are  also used in cooking  - pachadi for new year in tamilnadu and andra.and Soup(Rasam)

'Neem flower rasam/soup' is speciality of South India to be precise Tamilnadu .Many Healthy traditional dishes  such as this has become a thing of past...over shadowed my modern dishes like burger, pizza etc.I was happy to see neem flowers when i visited India and grabbed some to bring it here :)
INGREDIENTS:(approximate measurement)
Tamarind-small lime size or thick pulp -2 tbs
Water-1 cups(depend of sourness of tamarind)
Tur Dhal water-1 cup(optional)
Neem flower(dry or fresh)
Salt-to taste
Rasam powder - 1 tsp
Dhaniya- dry fry and powder 1tsp]
Red chilli- 3 -4 according to taste
Asefotida- a pinch
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
Mustard- 1/4 tsp(seasoning)
Curry leaf-few
Corriandr leaf-few
oil- 1tsp
1)Soak tamarind in water and extract pulp. If using pulp add about 1 cups water dependidng on tamaraind. and 1 cup dhal water(this is optional.I personally like using dhal water but my mom does not use )
2)Add salt, turmeric powder,rasam powder and jaggery to the tamarind water.
3)Heat pan and boil the tamarind water till raw smell goes.
4)Now heat oil in another pan for seasoning.Add mustard .
5)When it splutters add Dry or fresh neem flower and fry till light brown. Add red chilli ,curry leaf and asefotida.
6)Add this to boiling Tamarind water and cook for couple of seconds .cover and keep immediately.
Serve with rice.

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