My cousin had visited us last weekend and i was very excited as i was going to see her new born for the first time... i couldn't go for her baby shower or after  sweet little Shashank( ....yes that's her cute kids name) was born :(
I wanted to do some special sweet for them... but since we don't buy sugar i did not know what to do...
Just then my neighbour called me for a pooja in their house and she gave me prasad... Urad laddu... she told me the recipe and this gave me a idea .why not me try the same with some other flour..when I oped my pantry first thing i saw was jowar.Jowar also know as Sorghum/Egyptian millet,milo or in tamil -CHOLAM  
  Though is 70% starch  and can not be considered as healthy food on its own,its a good source of energy and Gluten free..and also good source of vitamin B complex.
So... why not try this... and fortunately it tasted good.... that too using just 3tsp of ghee...
Wait... not just this but more to come for sweet cousin and her kid... yes Urad laddu and banana paniyaram :)
Jowar-1 cup
Brown sugar(powdered)-3/4 cup(according to taste . this amount was mild sweet)
Coconut-1tsp and cashew-4-5(powdered along with sugar)(optional)
Ghee-3 tsp
Warm milk- approximately 3-4 tsp(to make laddu)
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
and yeah...
Chopped nuts-2tsp(optional)
1)Heat ghee in a pan and fry jowar and  till nice aroma comes.
2)Powder sugar along with coconut and cashew.
3)Add cardamom powder and chopped nuts to jowar flour and mix with powdered sugar.
4)Add Warm milk little my little and make lemon size balls (laddus)
Tastes good and healthy and quick to make


  1. delicious laddoo...first time here..lovely space

  2. Thanks shama for visiting my blog and lovely encouraging comment, which means a lotttt to me :)



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